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Easter is traditionally a time when people celebrate risen life by eating the bodies of young lambs. To those of us who care about other living beings this is a difficult concept to understand and is often on our minds at this time. This weekend 2 lives who will now never suffer that fate came into our care. Newborn lambs, Theodore and Ozzy, were surrendered to us and will now live out a life free from harm and the possibility of becoming anyone’s meal.

Theodore was found by a passerby running along a deserted road with no other sheep in sight. Despite it being illegal to transport pregnant ewes, it is not uncommon for lambs to be born on trucks. We suspect that this was the case with Theodore and that he fell off the truck and was left behind.

We have not yet reached the winter lambing season but already it is evident that ewes are going to die in high numbers this year. The drought has meant that there is little, if any, feed on the ground. Farmers are often unable to afford to sufficiently supplement their food so the ewes are unable to survive the birth of their babies. Ozzy was surrendered to us after the death of his mother.

Both lucky boys are now already living at their forever home with one of our experienced carers.

We suspect that a high number of lambs will be coming into our care this year. If you are able to foster or adopt lambs please contact us via the application forms on the appropriate pages. We are also always needing new volunteers but if you are unable to contribute time a donation of money is something that will also help to save the lives of the lambs that come into our care.