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Lamb Care Australia relies not only its Foster Carers but also on providing weaned lambs with a Forever Home. If you have sufficient land, adequate fencing and are prepared to keep and care for the lambs for the term of their natural life (including being able to provide vet care when needed) you may be exactly who we are looking for.

Sheep can live to approximately 12 – 14 years and make excellent companion animals when cared for with love and affection. They are flock animals so are best when they have a small group of friends with whom to live. For that reason Lamb Care Australia adopts out lambs in a minimum of 2 with preference for those who have other sheep already on their property or who are prepared to adopt a greater number of lambs. Once your application form has been submitted we will decide which lambs would best suit your situation.

Lamb Care Australia is not a sanctuary so there is no centralised location for you to visit.

We go to the trouble of examining your application form in detail because we are dealing with lives – not transactions. It is not in the lambs’ best interests to be adopted and returned when things don’t work out. We reserve the right not to provide reasons for not proceeding with any expression of interest or application.

If you think would be a suitable forever home for our lambs please complete the following application form.