In early August 2018, we received a call about a little dorper lamb. He was born a twin, but his sister died. His mother cleaned him, but then for some unknown reason left him behind. The farmer attempted to encourage Mum to accept him by putting them in a pen together. Unfortunately this accidentally resulted in Mum standing on the little boys tiny head. Casper, as he was lovingly named by his adopter, had some pretty serious issues. The head wound was quite deep and infected. It required flushing out daily for a week. He was in a terrible amount of pain so strong pain relief was given as well as antibiotics. Casper was showing neurological symptoms which suggested brain swelling. Our vet has told us that these symptoms may disappear as the swelling went down. There was the possibility of a small skull fracture which healed well as his bones were pliable being so young. After a very difficult couple of days he started to show some signs of improvement. He seemed a lot more content and relaxed which showed his pain was not as severe as it had been thanks to the medication. Although he only weighed in at 3 kgs he proved to be an amazing little fighter.

As you can see, Casper recovered fully from his injury and is loving life as a 2 year old sheep. 🐑 (Have no fear, his rough looking coat is because he is a dorper. They are self shedding so can look a little disheveled at times 😊)