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Already having taken in 2 lambs today we now have another 2! 4 lambs in one day rescued from almost certain death. Four lambs rescued in one day from almost certain death.

Austin has had a difficult start to life with a very difficult birth. Due to his large size he needed to be pulled from his poor Mum. Following the birth he was left with some face swelling but that should go down over the coming days.

Little Gizmo is adorable. He was with his Mum for a short while but for some unknown reason was unable to feed from her. Sometimes farmers will try to save lambs and this one did everything he could but eventually surrendered Gizmo to us as he was growing weaker.

If you would like to foster or adopt some of our lambs please visit our Get Involved page on our website for more details. https://www.lambcareaustralia.org.au/get-involved/